Google Think Digital – Day 2

Day 2 promises to be a much more intense and longer affair than the previous day – and they certainly didn’t account for Guiness related sore heads when firing into the days stats and facts! There was a lot of coffee being glugged, and some quiet folk in the morning session but it all makes for the experience, as i’m sure people enjoyed plenty of the black stuff at the home of Guiness!

Day 2 Highlights

The morning session covered some great subjects that follow on from the previous day with self select advertising being the focus of the first 30-40 minutes. Enabling a brand to be where they most need to be and allowing the customer to self select them and then follow the brand through digital and tradditional marketing rather than trying the reverse – tradditional media brings in many which then decrease down the marketing funnel. Stats? 40% of YouTube view time takes place on a mobile or tablet – very true when you’re out and about and need to pacify the kids or have a long an tedious commute.

Secondly we looked at Display Advertising and the options that are now available through Google to help you get to market in this feature. Starting with re-marketing, something that other companies already cover to the Nth degree, we moved through a prospecting of sorts before looking at a variety of new and emerging tech that helps to create and display new ads – and after 6 years of CPA, CPC and CPM i’ve now head CPE (cost per engagement) used for the very first time – a true sign of evolution, or a new way to extract money from brands and advertisers – hmmmm! Affinity segments should also be interesting and useful to use when targetting general areas of people – possible new markets? If you’re not already aware of them well worth checking out Google’s Engagement Ads, Dynamic Ads and Ready Image Ads. They also seem to be pioneering ‘Active View’ a pay per view model which evolves from impressions and their short comings.

The third has to be a personal favourite – Analytics. I absolutely love the tool (99% of the time) and find it amazing to get so much data that needs making into relevant findings. We have everything setup and running in GA but I was always sure there was more – but how much time do you spend on the tool that on a day to day level tells you how you did the day before, then MOM and YOY? The answer is clearly a lot more time than I currently give it. Universal Analytics has been launched and will be the evolutionary tool from Google – so in true style i’ll be adopting the use of the latest tool that gives further weight to Google in my business! Clever Google. Measurement Protocol is another key phrase that i’ll be taking away and researching over a cup of coffee or two. The idea that we can track users opposed to visitors in GA is something we’re going to have to start to adopt now as 98% of people will move between screens and devices during the course of the day. Also worth looking at:

So as the start of the presentation was entitled ‘Measuring the Full Customer Journey’ its well worth taking away:

  1. Use segmentation to understand the customer path
  2. Check different attribution models applied to the data
  3. Get started with Universal Analytics

Pre lunch was reserved for ‘globalisation’ and how Google can help via their AdWords strategists – great presentations from SmartWall Paint and Olympique Lyonnais – more on that when I put together a post on the featured Google Partners!

Post lunch began with a look at the latest innovations at Google. Everything from the driverless car to the way they get those interesting or slightly different streetviews were covered. There is an amazing video on YouTube that shows a man with 95% blindness going about his daily life in a driverless car. This is such an amazing concept that obviously started for Google as a more effective way to perform streetview and has potentially ended with revolutionising the motor industry. Other interesting topics included ‘Moonshots’ or on a basic level picturing the moon from earth. Indoor streetview that allowed prospective customers to visit shops, coffee houses etc. and check out the size, interior or offering before actually going there. Underwater streetview for the Great Barrier Reef. Voice actions on Android – which even went as far as Geo Locating the command you gave and reminding you when you pass that place i.e. bread and milk from Tesco.

Finally to complete the day came a HUGELY entertaining keynote from Peter Hinssen on Business / IT Fusion & The New Normal. Not only is the man a genius with some great points to make about the state of Digital Marketing past, present and future but he kept the crowd perfectly at the end of two very intensive days and really made sense with some of the theories and ideas he put across. Rather than trying to quote him word for word i’m hunting high and low for either the video of his keynote, or the same keynote somewhere else so that you can appreciate fully how much Peter Hinssen makes sense of the Digital World.

Day 2 Completed… Onto Day 3 and Google Training!


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